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Bulletin: July 7, 2019





Hooray!! Our summer food drive has been rescheduled!

Saturday, July 20th

10 am-4 pm


Cosentino's Market (14 W 62nd Terr) in Brookside, has agreed to let us hold our food drive. We are grateful for this opportunity to restock our pantry over the busy summer months. If you'd like to volunteer to help please click here to sign up.


We know summer is a busy time, but every little bit will help. Think of the food pantry while you are out and about on your errands and try to pick up a few extra food items. Your generosity can make a real difference this summer. Thank you!


At this point, we are critically low on pancake mix, saltine crackers, jello, pudding, jelly, syrup, and toothbrushes. We are also low on cereal, peanut butter, pasta, past sauce (plastic or cans - NO glass), toilet paper, and deodorant.




Parish School of Religion (PSR)

Parish School of Religion (PSR) is a combination home/parish family program for families with children in grades 18 who do not attend St. Elizabeth school. Parents teach their own children at home each
week, using a textbook approved by the Diocese. Once a month, parents and children registered in the program meet in Seton Hall for support, prayer and a group lesson. Family Meetings typically take place on the 2nd Sunday of the month in Seton Hall from 8:30 9:45am and are a
required part of the program.

1st Reconciliation & 1st Eucharist Preparation
Children not attending St. Elizabeth school who desire to receive 1st Reconciliation and 1st Eucharist prepare for these sacraments through the PSR. Parents will be required to attend a meeting for each sacrament.
Students and parents will be required to attend one extra class to prepare for each sacrament. Parents will receive the dates of monthly meetings at the Parent Meeting August 28, 2019.

Your child MUST be registered by August 1, 2019.
To secure your place and ensure that books will be ordered, your child must be registered for the 2019/2020 PSR year by August 1. Please click here to register or contact the parish office. Students not enrolled in St. Elizabeth School who wish to participate in Parochial League Athletics need to be registered in PSR by August 1.

There is a $25* supply fee per child that is due at the Parent Meeting/Book PickUp on Wednesday, August 28 at 6:30pm in Seton Hall. If you have any questions please contact the parish office.


*$35 fee after August 1 registration deadline


Gift Card Email Scam

Scammers have been targeting Catholic parishes and others across the country. Here are links to recent articles about this. 




Hall of Fame Class of 2019

Nominations Now Open


The STE Hall of Fame was founded in 2010 to recognize the outstanding members of the STE community (volunteer and paid) who have positively impacted our parish's future through their personal and/or professional commitment and service.


Individuals, couples or families may be nominated for consideration for future induction into the STE Hall of Fame. Please note paid staff must be retired or no longer on staff to be nominated.


Past winners:
2010 - Joan Ball, Carol Lynn, Sandy Nickel, Dan Walsh
2011 - Fr. Dan Schneider, Arlene Davis, Kris Zondca
2012 - Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet, Ginny Burns, Marilyn Marlo, Phil Bourne (Waldo Pizza)
2013 - Fr. Richard Carney, Dorothy Hymer, Laura Walker, Governor Stumpy's
2014 - Joan Blasdel, Annabel McInerney, Joe Reichert, Jim & Toni Walters
2015 - Barbara Daniels, Ann Halpin, Gretel Harper, Msgr. Robert Gregory, Dave & Mary Leigh Krull
2016 - Dcn. Don Schmit, Linda Lancaster, Elisabeth Toms, Bill & Bernie Knipp, Connie Twenter
2017 - Carolyn Brewer, Ellen & Kerm Fendler, Mike Lillis & Family, Florence Pilsl
2018 - Fr. Terry Bruce, Vicki & Bob Fitzgerald, Chuck Gosselin

2019 - Click here to submit your nomination


Thank you for your nomination and please save the date to join us for the 10th Anniversary Hall of Fame - Saturday, November 2, 2019.



Weekend Masses in the St. Elizabeth Gym Continue

Our building partners are hard at work in the Church building and that requires the building to remain unoccupied.

Like the Israelites during many times of their history, we are living outside our preferred home, and we’re embracing this disruption in our Lenten theme (and beyond), Building Church. During this time of Building Church, we have to be more flexible with schedules and patterns, more aware of each other’s needs, and more kind and responsive when asked to help.

Please give these thoughts and suggestions your consideration:
- Entrance: Please enter the Gym using the entryway that faces 75 th Street and sits across the parking lot from the Hardware Store.
- Exits: Leave the gym church thru the front door. A side door is also available as an exit – it is on North side of gym. That exit is a set of metal stairs that lands in the driveway behind the gym.
- Parking: Please leave the parking spaces between the Gym and the Hardware Store – as well as the parking spaces on 75 th Street – available for members of our assembly who have mobility challenges.
- Accessibility: An accessible ramp is available on the West side (Hardware Store side) of the Gym building.
-Tarp: Please watch your step if you have mobility challenges. And please watch out for folks who need more time and more space to maneuver on the tarp that covers the gym floor.
-Awareness: Please maintain an atmosphere of reverence and quiet before, during, and after Liturgy.
-Children: Parents and other family members, please help children to maintain a spirit of prayer and reverence before, during, and after Liturgies.
-Hallway: Please be aware that sound carries very well from the Hallway into the worship space. Running and talking in the hallway will distract and detract from prayer.
-Posture: It is appropriate to bow to the Altar as you enter your seat row.
-Kneeling: At times in the Liturgy when we normally kneel, please stand. If standing is too uncomfortable or not physically possible, sitting is appropriate.


Building Church asks each and all of us to trust each other a little more, to listen to each other a little better, to be a little more patient with unexpected changes of plan, and to practice our senses of humor and flexibility. Thank you for joining us on this adventure !



Pietra Fitness 6 week Summer Series!

Join our dynamic stretching and strengthening classes for women this Summer! We feature meditations to refresh the soul as we utilize physical exercise to promote core strength to build a solid foundation for the body!


Classes for women will meet Monday evenings at 6pm on:








Tuesday morning classes will meet at 7:30am on:








REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED FOR SUMMER CLASSES! To register or for more information, contact Mary Beth McClain at



Daily and Weekend Masses Reminder


Please note that beginning Monday, February 25, daily Masses (7:00am and 11:30am) will be celebrated in the Parish Ministry Center’s (PMC) Chapel of St. Romero, across Main St. from the church, during renovations.

Weekend Masses beginning March 2 and 3 will be held in the St. Elizabeth School Gym. Please enter the gym through the main entrance on 75th St.




Thank you for helping to Build Our Legacy!


Pledged: $5.68 Million
Total Collected: $3,113,430


Thank you to everyone who is Building Our Legacy by
praying the campaign prayer and making payments on
their pledge. If you have not joined us yet, please consider
your role in this important effort for the future of our



You can click here to submit your pledge online or there are also pledge cards in the pews. We would like every household in the parish to be part of this campaign. Click here to donate online via credit card or bank transfer.


Click here to learn more about the campaign.




St. Elizabeth El Salvador Ministry


The mission of the St. Elizabeth’s El Salvador Ministry is to promote solidarity and exchange between the St. Elizabeth Parish community and our sister communities in El Salvador, Romero Community and Palo Grande/Suchitoto.


We have partnered with these community since 2013 to provide scholarships to the youth, and much more.  In ninety percent of the homes in the Romero Community, a woman is the head of the household.


Click here to view the “women run this community video” about the women of the Romero Community, their to fight for their land, homes and livelihood, and their drive to provide relevancy to women in a male-dominated society.


Please help us continue our legacy of generosity and solidarity by clicking here to make a contribution to the St. Elizabeth El Salvador Scholarship Fund. Questions: please contact Kerm Fendler (913-488-7790 or or Carrie Madden (913-485-8361 or


St Elizabeth is sponsoring two mission trips to El Salvador in 2019 An adult trip in January and a youth trip later in the year. For more information contact Joel Jones by phone (816)509-6988 or


Click here for information about the Youth Scholarship Program and to donate by mail.


Click here to donate online.


Click here to view the video from our 2016 trip.



Know Someone Who Could Use a Caring Visitor?

If you know of a homebound person who lives in our parish boundaries who would appreciate calls or weekly visits from a volunteer in our Caring Visitors ministry, please call the parish office at 816-523-2405.




Online Stewardship Commitment Card




Your tithing gifts make it possible to provide and grow the ministries of our parish and fulfill the STE mission of "prayer and action, to further God's kingdom on earth", and we thank you for your ongoing generosity and commitment.

Commitment cards can be returned via offertory, by mail, to the PMC or online by clicking here. Thank you for your generosity and stewardship.




Habitat for Humanity

Habitat for Humanity’s KC House of Abraham brings together faith communities from the three Abrahamic traditions—Judaism, Christianity and Islam. The communities work together to raise funds and volunteer time building a home for a Kansas City family.

St. Elizabeth is proud to announce we will be participating in one of this year’s Abraham’s House projects. The main objectives of Abraham’s House are:

• Promote interfaith fellowship and learn about each other's faith traditions • Increase awareness and support of Habitat Kansas City in a variety of faith communities • Promote partnerships between Habitat and participating congregations • Build a home for a Kansas City family in need



On-site training is provided, and no experience is necessary. You will meet at the Habitat office at 1423 E Linwood Blvd. for a briefing before heading to the job site. You must be 16 with a parent, or 18 years old to volunteer.

Questions can be directed to Teresa Medina at parish
office 816-523-2405 ext 3148 or Dana Bass at Habitat
office 816-924-1096 ext 101.





Congratulations to the 2018 FIREBall Cup
Trophy Winners—St. Elizabeth!

The Irish have been pushing for 4 years to get that trophy to a new home, and we finally did it! As we chatter about the contest, we must pause and realize how very lucky we are. Our students are the real winners as we are able to provide all our challenged learners a path to succeed and
spread inclusion through FIRE! Thank you to everyone who participated in purchasing raffle tickets.


FIRE was founded in 1996 by a group of parents who shared a common dream; for their children with special needs to attend their parish schools with siblings and friends. Since that time, through the efforts of parents, a dedicated board of directors, many talented volunteers and community members who embrace inclusive Catholic education.


The FIRE Foundation, an independent 501(c)3 organization, makes it possible for partner Catholic schools to hire special educators and paraprofessionals and to acquire learning materials and technology that create successful learning experiences for all children. Without grants from FIRE, most schools would not be able to welcome students with Down syndrome, significant learning disabilities, many who are on the Autism spectrum and students who face other special learning challenges. In inclusive learning environments, children grow up knowing and appreciating each other’s unique gifts. St. Elizabeth is a proud partner school.





The Sounds of St. Elizabeth and STE Centennial Ornament for Sale at the PMC


Relive and enjoy the beautiful music from our Centennial Concert on November 9th, 2017 with your very own CD recording, “Sounds of St. Elizabeth”. All the solos, choirs, guitar band, bell choir songs and more are included in this special keepsake CD. CDs will be available for purchase for only $10, after Masses and in the parish office.


This exclusive, limited edition brass ornament will be available until we sell out. Stop by the PMC during business hours to buy one for $15 (cash or check). Don't miss your chance to take home your piece of



On September 9, 2017 we celebrated the first 100 years of our parish with Mass and the Taste of St. Elizabeth.

We were blessed to have to parishioners, Doug Kinney and Daniel McBride volunteer as photographers to capture many of the moments and faces of the day.

Click here is view the online album of their photos.



A Reminder


St. Elizabeth Parish does not share parishioner information with any outside business or organization. St. Elizabeth Parish does not endorse political candidates, nor does the parish allow any official campaign activity regarding individual candidates to take place in the name of the parish or on parish property.






Stewardship Education

Everyone has a different story about why they are called to be a Christian steward... click on the links below to read a few from our parishioners.

"That does not sound like you."

"It's just what we do for family."

"It started with a valentine."

"God is the main Head Coach."

"Experience that awesome feeling that comes with being part of something bigger than ourselves"

"It is not an obligation to us. It is a privilege."

"How shall we make a return to the Lord for all the good He has done for us?"

"God prepared this house for us."

“How wonderful it is that nobody need wait single moment before starting to change the world.”

"A Volleyball Match, a Pocket Knife and a T-shirt."


Seven Secrets of Successful Stewards (click here)

Keynote address 2011 Region IX Stewardship Conference

Father Jim Golka (Pastor,St. Patrick Church, Diocese of Grand Island, Nebraska) gives an humorous, inspirational and

thought-provoking perspective on stewardship. Enjoy! 

(click here)


Parish-Wide Visioning

Parish Visioning Recommendations and Goals (click here)

State of the Parish 2015 power point (click here)

Parish Visioning Update 6/15/2015 (click here)




Homilies- Audio Version

School Mass - 5/22/19

School Mass - 5/15/19

School Mass - 5/8/19

School Mass - 4/24/19

School Mass - 4/17/19

School Mass - 4/10/19

School Mass - 4/3/19


Fr. Greg 25th Anniversary Mass - 7/14/18

Bishop's Homily - 12/18/2016

Bishop's School Mass - 12/05/2016